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ALOE Angger Aprie suddenly dumb. The sentence that has rows and rows are arranged in the head just evaporated when he stood in front of the class. Longish hair past her shoulders did not cover his face is pale.

“Excuse me, sir, repeat again, yes,” high school students from class IX College de Britto, Yogyakarta, it appealed to her English teacher, Widi Nugroho. The teacher who was standing in the back of the class nodded. Haltingly Angger resume tells the story of causes of insects and spiders, hostile, with the English accent of Java.

After Angger speak, turn Widi comment. “Intonation has not been smooth, his expression did not exist,” said Widi. Mixed with Indonesian, Widi giving English lessons. Although it already holds the status of pioneering international school (RSBI), the school is relatively not many speak English.

Like the styles of the students who freely maintain the hair, the attitude of this school in terms of English language is very free. Only English language lessons delivered in English. According to Minister of National Education regarding the implementation of international schools, pilot schools in English is indeed recommended for science and math lessons.

“There is no relationship between learning English and the quality of students,” said Taufik Dwiko Luke Good, Vice Principal College de Britto, last week. In fact, according to him, the use of English even eliminate emotion, an important element in the delivery of lessons.

Currently there are 1110 school international school pilot status of the elementary school level through high school. As stipulated in the ministerial regulations, one of the goals of this school project is to produce graduates who can compete in overseas work and play an active role internationally. On this basis, elements of English becomes a key point in this school. Thus, required the teacher must be able to teach in English with a TOEFL score of 7.5.

English lesson here, apart from tuition fees, which become a source of disagreement about the international school. First, about the readiness of teachers to teach in English. “We must prepare teachers helter-skelter,” said Ahmad Nurben, head of SMP Negeri 8 Padang. Safa Marwah, a graduate of pilot schools in Mataram, SMP Negeri 6, recalled how the teachers have difficulty teaching in English. “Vocabulary is still lacking.”

Ministry of National Education Evaluation results also showed how still kedodorannya school teachers in English-speaking country (see Infographics). Half of secondary school teachers in pilot turned out to only master the English language at the most basic level (novice). To make this they are able to teach in English, by Satria Dharma, Chairman of the Indonesian Teachers Association, impossible could be done only with the course for two or three weeks. “The years of living abroad are not necessarily fluent in English,” he said. If the only purpose is to increase student skills in English, he suggested, should have English lessons are evaluated or hours of lessons was encouraged.

Some students also objected to the use of English for other subjects. “Translating the English-language papers are still difficult,” said Jeffrie Edo, disciple de Britto.

l l l
TEN years ago, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad expressed kegalauannya see the educational achievement of children public school students in various international competitions are far from brilliant.

“That is why the prosecution in national schools staffed almost entirely by the Malay children, this means children who fall prey to deterioration Melayulah achievement schools nationality,” he said vehemently in Malay Education Congress I. “You see is whether we have to close my eyes and surrender to fate or we can deal with issues affecting our nation, even though he was embarrassing and mencemar image of our nation.”

For the sake of boosting achievement that Malay children, in 2003 the Malaysian government launched the Teaching and Learning Science and Mathematics in English. According to the Ministry Lessons Malaysia, this program is very ambitious goal, namely to build human resources to achieve the level of developed countries and compete in globalization.

Through the project, the Malay language was abandoned and replaced English in teaching science and mathematics materials. To support this great project, preparations for the Malaysian government is really serious. English language learning materials, whether in the form of printed and digital materials, spread across the country. Teachers are less astute converse in English are trained repeatedly.

Preparation of such a serious and passionate support from Prime Minister Mahathir was no guarantee of this ambitious project a huge success. A number of studies conducted several universities in the neighboring country was in fact show the opposite. The use of English in teaching science and mathematics would be bad for the quality of its graduates.

Nor Hashimah Jalaluddin, professor of linguistics at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Mahathir said the program only works in big cities, which average students come from upper-middle-income families and are accustomed to speak English.

“But schools in rural areas experiencing a big problem,” said Nor Hashimah. They are difficult to communicate and digest the lessons in English. “In rural Malaysia, English is a foreign language.” For them, speaking English in school is a burden rather than entertainment. As a result, according to research Universiti Kebangsaan, after several years of foreign language learning in schools, pupils of schools in Malaysia can not necessarily be fluent in English prate.

Study Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study by Boston College in the United States in 2007 even showed the ability of Malaysian students in science and mathematics lesson continues to decline. In 1999, the average value of their 519 math lessons, then four years later 508, and in 2007 the value of school students in Malaysia dropped to 474.

After seeing the figures were not encouraging, Minister Muhyiddin Yassin Lessons decided to stop English-language learning program that began in 2012. However, according to Muhyiddin, some schools may continue to be allowed to use two languages.

Parent Action Group for Education project that supports the government of Malaysia Mahathir also wanted to give schools the freedom to choose, continue or discontinue lessons in English. “Policy lessons in English is very good for the future of Malaysian children,” said Noor Azimah, Chairman Page Action, as quoted by The Star.

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Because of the high cost of school construction RSBI-contribution up to $ 15 million-some people memelesetkan abbreviations into longer school of international fare. In addition to receiving from the central government budget (USD 100-500 million) and local governments, pilot schools are still allowed to collect fees from parents.

Charges that the amount is varied is what makes this program accused of making a quality public educational institutions increasingly out of reach of the poor. “This program further sharpen the separation of classes. Students are poor with rich pupils, students RSBI with regular school students,” Satria Dharma criticize. The fact is most students of this school are children of families haves.

The teachers in pilot schools refused to be labeled as expensive school. Ahmad Nurben ensure the economic capacity factors not taken into consideration in the selection of pilot school students. “There is no selection of students based on ability RSBI economy,” Chief of the Provincial Education Office of Yogyakarta Baskoro Aji said.

Director General of Primary and Secondary school menganalogikan Suyanto this pilot Like the electric train service. This commuter train passengers may choose whether to use economic train, economic air conditioning, or express a cool and fast. Of course also other costs. Most importantly, said Suyanto, there remains the allocation of seats for those who pocket a mediocre ability.

Other in Malaysia, different in Indonesia. While in Malaysia speak English lesson project will be stopped, this international school program, Suyanto said, will continue. The reason, the project was mandated by the Law on National Education System. “We do not have to join in. Malaysia,” said Suyanto. Miscellaneous problems in this project, he believes, can be overcome.

Sapto Pradityo, Bernarda Rurit (Yogyakarta), Febrianti (Padang), Supriyanto Khafid (Mataram)


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